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What I love most about photographing families is that I meet all kinds of different people. I would never want anyone I photograph to feel like I’m trying to fit them into a mold. Some conventions of portraiture, however, really help emphasize emotions and relationships in a photograph, and most of the time, that’s really what I’m going for. The following suggestions are designed to help your personality shine through.

  Some families, or individuals have a distinct style or look. If that’s part of who you are, we’ll want to show that off. Others don't feel super confident about style, while some folks just don’t give it much thought. This guide goes out to everyone I photograph, in case it can be of help.

If you’re on Pinterest, or don’t mind signing up, check out this link:



·bring an optional layer (jean jacket, blazer, leather jacket, cardigan, fitted shirt)

·neutral colours, muted shades, and soft tones photograph really well (check out the link to Pinterest I emailed you)

·if you will be wearing heels, please bring comfortable shoes for the down time



·bold prints

·large logos or writing (like band T-shirts or sports team logos)

·wear the exact same colour

·really bright colours on only one family member (if one person has a bold accessory, another person could also have one)

·shorts and tank tops

Try to avoid having the whole family in the same colour on top or the same colour on the bottom (like everyone in blue denim, or everyone in a beige top).  

            If your child or young adult has a possession that’s a real integral part of their personality, like a skateboard, a toy, a book they love reading, or an item of clothing they adore, please bring it. It can keep them occupied between locations, and could add a different dimension to some of the photographs.

If you’ve been thinking of getting your hair cut or styled, this would be a great time! If you’ve never had your make up done and always wanted to try, now’s the time, if you have the time! That said, please be yourself!
I’d be happy to talk about it if you’d like some more guidance. Just give me a call! (514) 582-5655.

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